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Geoff Grant's Sidecar
Entered: 4/10/2004 3:10:22 PM
Actively Racing: Yes
Club Details: HMCRRSA
Log Book: Yes
Spares: Yes
Brief History: Original Urquhart frame which I believe it was built in 1969. H2 motor runs, full flow header tank fuel system feeding 38 mm carbs on methanol, NLR ignition and my port work. Gearbox is a mixture of H1 and H2 components with many of my own modifications.
Solo/Sidecar: Sidecar
Make: Kawasaki
Model: H2
CC Size: 750
Color: Green
Road/Dirt: Road
Era: Post Classic
Fairing: Yes
Tyres: Hoosier/Bridgestone/Avon
Wheels: 13 x 6 Mags
Forsale: No
Geoff Grant's Sidecar Picture

Geoff Grant's Sidecar

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