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Welcome to the Classic Motorcycling Australia Bike Registry.

All information supplied will not be given out to the general public should you specify not to make your information public. This does not include your address, e-mail address or phone numbers, as your address, e-mail address and phone numbers will remain private and the public will never see these items.

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Name: State: Active: Type: Forsale:
Wayne NolanQueenslandYesSoloNo
Lex DreierQueenslandYesSidecarNo
Peter JacobsQueenslandYesSidecarYes
Geoff GrantSouth AustraliaYesSidecarNo
Walter NichollWestern AustraliaNoSoloNo
Bob SayerNew South WalesYesSoloNo
Bob SayerNew South WalesNoSoloNo
Stuart LolyVictoriaYesSoloNo
Jason RodgersQueenslandYesSoloYes
Paul HendryQueenslandNoSoloNo
Mat ChildsSouth AustraliaYesSoloNo
Gary MartinWestern AustraliaYesSoloNo
NORBO LeaOtherNoSoloNo
Brad PohlWestern AustraliaNoSoloNo
Julian StapVictoriaNoSoloNo
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